A Tool of Ecumenism
A Tool of Ecumenism

The very best part of exhibiting "Just a Peek, Please?" is connecting with visitors and sharing a moment or two of profound understanding. Sharing a belief that, despite differences and disagreements, humanity can be better. Sharing hope for a brighter future. With people like Bruce.

One might expect that Bruce and I would be quite different, and yet there we were on a Saturday afternoon taking a moment to step outside of ourselves, cross boundaries, and share some of our experiences. To practice listening. Understanding. Empathy. Compassion.

I often feel defeated and deflated by the current state of cultural and political affairs. But talking with people like Bruce makes me feel as though things aren't quite so bleak. Thanks for the reminder, Bruce. I sincerely appreciate it.

"I believe your work is extraordinarily powerful and can be an enormously important tool in ringing understanding and compassion from the interaction of unlike communities. Art in general, and YOUR art in particular, can be the tool of an ecumenism that transcends organized religions and reaches into the hearts of individuals."

--Bruce McCausland