Just a Peek, Please?
@ Carrollwood Cultural CenterJust A Peek, Please
@ Carrollwood Cultural CenterJust a Peek, Please?
@ Carrollwood Cultural Center"Just a Peek, Please?"
@ Gallery 3, HCCJust a Peek, Please?
@ Gallery 3, HCCJust A Peek, Please?
@ Gallery 3, HCCPart of "Just a Peek, Please?"
Stories about Muslim women are typically limited to one of two characters: the oppressed victim needing to be rescued OR the seductress, hidden behind a veil of mystery. This dehumanizing oversimplification invents a vast separation between nonMuslim and Muslim women.

It creates a sense of “us versus them” and relegates Muslim women to being “an OTHER” instead of just “another.”

The work I have created for “Just a Peek, Please?”, a collection of 26 paintings inspired by statements and stories of American Muslim women, seeks to shrink the divide and expand the narrative by communicating some of the most intimate thoughts and feelings of Muslim women. The series invites the viewer to literally lift a veil to view the art, symbolically directing the viewer to see beyond the surface and witness a glimpse of the individual beneath.

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